Eddie Generous:

Slush Reading, Editing, Layout, Design, Art, Website, and Podcast

Eddie Generous is the author of several books, including Savage Beasts of the Arctic Circle (novella, 2020), Plantation Pan (novella, 2020), Rawr (novella, 2019), and many more. He is the founder/editor/publisher/artist behind Unnerving and Unnerving Magazine. He lives on the Pacific Coast of Canada with his wife and their cat overlords. www.jiffypopandhorror.com



Valerie credits her horror enthusiasm to late nights in the '80s, watching horror movies and not telling her parents. Her favorite genre will always be the supernatural but she has a soft spot for comedic horror and creature features. She lives in Virginia with her husband and a plethora of furry four-footed demons who are constantly screeching at her to be fed—though she wouldn't have it any other way. She's constantly searching for that holy grail of horror that will keep her up at night with every light on. Valerie can be found at www.catsluvcoffee.com or on Twitter @cats_luv_coffee.  

Ben Walker:


Ben got a taste for terror at age nine, watching The Thing from behind his parent's sofa. He’s a big fan of extreme/bizarre horror, psychological frights and most things in-between. When he’s not reading, he’s writing, and when he’s not writing he’s on Twitter @BensNotWriting


Renee Miller:

Black Brothel Fiction Feature

Renee Miller lives in Tweed, Ontario. She writes in multiple genres, but prefers dark fiction with strong elements of horror, erotica and/or comedy. https://authorreneemiller.com/

Danger Slater:

Danger's Failed Film Pitches Fiction Feature

Wonderland Award winning author Danger Slater is the world’s most flammable writer! He likes to use a lot of exclamation points! http://dangerslater.blogspot.com/

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