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Late August 2016, an unemployed, wannabe writer guy had an idea. He’d sold dozens of short stories by then, even one mediocre novel, also had experience in the small-town newspaper industry (right before it all but folded), and had an idea that he could break even creating and managing a magazine. And he did, for a time.

Fast forward to 2024, that same wannabe writer guy is still slush-reading, editing, laying out books, creating cover art, spinning wheels on social media, and updating the website (that wannabe writer guy, is, of course, me, Eddie Generous).

Meaning, should you choose to read an Unnerving title and see something you don’t like, aside from the story writing itself, it’s my fault. Meaning, should you choose to submit something for consideration, it’s me (aggressively left-leaning me) who is reading and making decisions. 


If you have any questions or concerns about Unnerving, you can reach me via email at

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