Unnerving Magazine accepts short story submissions of horror and suspense. Generally leaning toward horror. Occasional need for erotic horror.

Sex, gore and violence are welcome in moderation. Action over emotion, every time.

Please no hard science fiction, sword and sorcery fantasy, romance, humor that isn’t sinister or literary works that venture so far into experimental that they become nonsense, no cop dramas unless hard boiled gumshoe, no fan fiction, no war stories, no stories where rape is the lead character's motivator, and no blatant rip-offs. No Lovecraft characters, locations, or wording.

Moving forward, I am less interested in quiet horror, though still will print it, as there are significantly more paying markets for dark literary and dark weird than thrilling and commercial horror.

Payment is 3¢/word for original fiction and 1¢/word reprint fiction. 

I ask for three months exclusivity from publication date and non-exclusive print-on-demand rights for five years.

Submit only one reprint and one original at a time, and no more. Submit in .docx or .doc. Double-spaced. No tabs. No extra spaces after periods. Please use common sense when formatting. Everything hard on the eyes will be rejected automatically. Explain publication history of story, it reprint.

Allow for up to 6 months before querying.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome (which means submitting to other publications, not sending me every story you've ever written).

Open to authors from any country.

Payment by PayPal only within 30 days of publication.

If accepted, wait six issues to submit again. If rejected, try again if you feel like it, but don't go crazy.

Only stories from 800-5,000 for originals, and 1,000-9,000 for reprints (FIRM! DO! NOT! ASK! TO! SUBMIT! OTHER! LENGTHS!).