EP012 - Talking The Progeny Series With Tosca Lee

Author Tosca Lee joins me to talk the Progeny series (The Progeny and Firstborn), influences, news on television adaptation, and her forthcoming novel, The Line Between.

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Review of The Progeny and Firstborn

As someone who reviews books and subsequently speaks to the author about said books, it can become a bit of a hang-up whenever a book is part of a series. If it’s the first book, okay, simple, but if it’s the second or third or fourth or so on, things get tricky. I looked at Tosca Lee’s Progeny novels and leaned towards skipping the first of the pairing. Then I said fuck it and tackled them both, and to my benefit.

There are about sixteen million characters in these two books… an exaggeration, but there are enough that picking up at the start of the second would likely leave me wholly confused as this is a complex tale of mystery and deceit. It almost feels like if young-Anne Rice wrote an espionage series.

It’s fast and thrilling, breakneck at times, flying, floating, driving, running, swimming, dancing. The cast is varied, but now and then conveniently naïve when they were otherwise like superheroes or Bond-level operatives. The main character was certainly the most developed…obviously, and easy to cheer on as she peeled away the layers of the mysteries—also a bit conveniently rounded in conclusion.

That said, it’s a lot of fun and definite different speed from the horror thriller, that typically plods by comparison. There’s much to like and the suspension of belief comes fairly simply. It sure ain’t any easy thing to explain into a typical box, and I suppose that’s for the better. The Progeny books by Tosca Lee an in-depth ride through Europe and beyond with the level of international backstabbing reserved for fictions. I enjoyed them.

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