EP013 - Talking Nightingale With Amy Lukavics

Amy Lukavics joins me to chat her forthcoming novel, Nightingale. We also talk sexism, gender expectations, mental health, and roller derby.

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Last year, Amy Lukavics was a finalist for a Bram Stoker Award with The Ravenous. It was pretty good, fun, a little wild, certainly entertaining. If Amy Lukavics is not on the final YA Stoker ballot this year, it will be a crime.

Nightingale is equal parts painfully engaging and off-the-wall nuts. The characters portrayed are realistically flawed and dated. The way it should be. Too often a character built of today’s stuff creeps into tales set in different eras. June Hardie is a strong willed and focussed young woman who has what little freedom she has, stripped away for the sake atomic household molding.

Steal a character’s freedom and I’m all in.

What comes next is the unraveling, or an unreliable point of view stuck in a world where hallucination, possibly aliens, makes anything possible. This is a YA story that seems bent on breaking the rules itself, there’s sex, violence, and nuance buried beneath a wall of what-in-the-hell-is-going-on.

Never delving too deeply into the medical history or too closely into building up ancillary characters, this thing charges at high speed, pulpy goodness all the way around. June Hardie is someone to empathize with, but also question, her tale is engaging, sad, and entertaining. Amy Lukavics killed it with one.

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