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Author Pets with Brent Michael Kelley

This week's author pet is Brent Michael Kelley's pup, S'mores.

Brent is the author of a handful of books including the Chuggie series and his latest book is a collection titled Doomsday Furnace.

Doomsday Furnace - Tales of Cataclysmic Wonder

A starship is separated from its fleet, and the captain must resort to desperate measures. A man wakes one morning to discover everyone in the world has dreamed of killing him. The embodiment of drought has a disastrous adventure at sea. Children are offered to, and sometimes taken by, the thing that lives beneath the sand. An energy station near the sun aims to permanently address mankind’s energy needs. An alien presence teaches an amateur surgeon the true value of friendship. These tales and more await you inside the Doomsday Furnace, a collection of 14 catastrophic yarns by Brent Michael Kelley.

Brent Michael Kelley lives the sweet life in northern Wisconsin, where he writes late into the night with a dog named JP sitting on his lap. When it’s warm, you’ll find him biking, kayaking, or tending a campfire. Brent co-hosts a podcast called Destroy the Files with his dear friend and editor Kate Jonez. He enjoys a condition known as “resting psycho face,” and he is keenly aware that people with that condition get strange looks when they skip or cartwheel. Brent is not stitching together an “abomination” in his basement, despite rumors spread by his small-minded rivals in the scientific community. Stay up to date on his perfectly legal* activities at

If you'd like your pet(s) featured in a future Author Pet post, email Eddie Generous at with a pic, links, and the name of the pet(s).


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