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Review of Tigers Are Not Afraid/Vuelven (2017)

Now that was something special. This movie is bleak, and grim, and gritty, and heart wrenching. No Hollywood whitewashing of the grime, no Hollywood cornballing of the baddies, no Hollywood beauty contests. This story felt human, and that immediately hooked me to the characters.

From the onset, this one’s enthralling and spooky (eventually outright terrifying). The acting seemed good (the one benefit of reading subtitles is you don’t really know if the cast is shitting the bed with their lines). The special effects spilled out gradually, and never tried to do too much; all of them worked for me. The scenery was interesting and carried the weight of an additional character, fully rounding out the lost boys (and girl) feel. And the idea of that room at the end…boy, that’s nasty stuff. The children are rounded, frustrating, and realistically flawed, realistically selfish.

Tigers Are Not Afraid is utterly fantastic. A must watch. You can check it out on Shudder.


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