Content similar to the magazine submissions. Suspenseful horror, crime (no cop dramas, cops can be in the stories but not the main subject and preferably not heroic), and dark dark dark general fiction. Sex, gore and violence are welcome in moderation. Action over emotion, every time. Please no hard science fiction, sword and sorcery fantasy, romance, humor that isn’t sinister or literary works that venture so far into experimental that they become nonsense, no fan fiction, no war stories, no stories where rape is a character's motivator, and no blatant rip-offs. No Lovecraft characters, locations, or wording.


Novellas/novels 25,000 words and up.

Collections 45,000 to 85,000 words.

50/50 net sales split.

Keep query synopsis short, but descriptive. List three comparable books, movies, or TV shows.

Include links to all social media (ignoring this is usually a deal breaker).

No books intended for the Rewind or Die series. No weird westerns. No children's or MG books.

Submit only one story at a time. Double-spaced. No tabs. No extra spaces after periods. Please use common sense when formatting. Everything hard on the eyes will be rejected automatically. Give publication history of story if reprint.

Allow for up to 6 months to hear back before querying.

No firm closing date.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome (which means submitting to other publications, not sending me every story you've ever written).

Open to original and reprints.

Send complete manuscript submissions to in a Word compatible format. No PDFs. No Pasting novel into body of email.


Preferred Query Letter Style for Standalone Submissions


Submit to: 

Subject line: Title/Name/Word Count

Example: Carrie/Stephen King/67,000 Words






Brief synopsis of pertinent information of story submitted.

Example: Carrie White is a chubby loser with no friends, a religious-obsessive and abusive mother, and the gift of telekinesis—skills which she hones in quiet loneliness. A cool couple feels guilty for a prior transgression and attempt to integrate Carrie into high school society, unaware it will trigger a revenge plot against the girl. Embarrassed and enraged by the plot, Carrie uses her supernatural powers to destroy the society, town, and mother who have kept her down.

Top five writing credits.

Example: The Glass Floor – Startling Mystery Stories (Fall, 1967)

The Reaper’s Image – Startling Mystery Stories (Spring, 1969)

The Blue Air Compressor – Onan (January, 1971)

It Grows on You – Mashroots (Fall, 1973)

Nine short stories – Cavalier Magazine (1970-74)


Bio, maximum of one hundred fifty words.

Example: Stephen King teaches English at Hampden Academy and earned his English degree from University of Maine at Orono. His short stories have appeared in several journals, magazines, and periodicals. He lives in Maine with his wife and their children.


Links to your social media accounts and website (if you have one).

Not on social media? I probably won’t publish you. Selling indie books is a team effort.

Final note: Unnerving books do not include trigger warnings as the only logical route beyond normalizing this activity is weaponizing it against free speech. (If you think this is an exaggeration, consider horror comic history, and the voluntary decision to follow the Comics Code Authority rules.) If this is a deal breaker, do not submit to Unnerving.

Points to note prior to submitting:

-I consider THE LAWNMOWER MAN a crowning achievement of literature.

-I am not impressed by big words or complicated sentences.

-Suspense is a vitally important factor of what I'll print.

-Character depth is just as important.

-Humor is good.

-I am very easily bored.

-Don't open a story with the weather unless it's deadly.

-To quote Mighty Mickey Goldmill: "Speed is what ya need."