Limited window: closes August 1, 2021.

Currently open to reprint HORROR, DARK GENERAL FIC, CRIME, & CRIME/THRILLER novellas and novels. Looking for books to publish late this year and next year. Not interested in works that were previously self-published. 

21,000 words - 120,000 words

.doc or .docx only. No PDFs.

Authors must have accessible social media accounts.

Please, no copaganda. No police procedurals.   

Submit complete manuscript in preferred query, or submit story pitch with sample of writing and writing history (first time authors need complete manuscripts).

50/50 profit splits. No advances. 5-year contracts.


Send submissions to

Preferred Query Letter Style


Submit to: 

Subject line: Title/Name/Word Count

Example: Carrie/Stephen King/67,000 Words






Brief synopsis of pertinent information of story submitted.

Example: Carrie White is a chubby loser with no friends, a religious-obsessive and abusive mother, and the gift of telekinesis—skills which she hones in quiet loneliness. A cool couple feels guilty for a prior transgression and attempt to integrate Carrie into high school society, unaware it will trigger a revenge plot against the girl. Embarrassed and enraged by the plot, Carrie uses her supernatural powers to destroy the society, town, and mother who have kept her down.


Top five writing credits.

Example: The Glass Floor – Startling Mystery Stories (Fall, 1967)

The Reaper’s Image – Startling Mystery Stories (Spring, 1969)

The Blue Air Compressor – Onan (January, 1971)

It Grows on You – Mashroots (Fall, 1973)

Nine short stories – Cavalier Magazine (1970-74)


Bio, maximum of one hundred fifty words.

Example: Stephen King teaches English at Hampden Academy and earned his English degree from University of Maine at Orono. His short stories have appeared in several journals, magazines, and periodicals. He lives in Maine with his wife and their children.


Links to your social media accounts and website (if you have one).

Not on social media? I probably won’t publish you. Selling indie books is a team effort.