Issue #13 is here and wacky as ever! Adam Howe bring Reggie Levine back to the pages with the longest story yet printed within the pages of this here rag; Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Spam-Bots, sometimes a guy's gotta be a hero, even if it means getting whooped by a robot. Stacy Cotton deals a swampy love story. John Waterfall dishes some troubling words. Em Dehaney gives us something a little bit fishy. Renee Miller offers up something bloody and steamy. Danger Slater reveals two more times he'd come face-to-face with opportunity. First brushes with horror: Kathe Koja, Leslie Lutz, and J. Ashley-Smith. Books reviews. Also includes and interview with J. Thorn and a feature on getting the story down.

14/09 - Hank Phillippi Ryan joins me to chat her latest The First to Lie, journalistic integrity, morals, and writing a twitsy thriller. Also, Tracy and I chat...books, believe it or not.

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