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Author Pets with Me (Eddie Generous)

In the first Author Pets post, is my kitties (they don't get along well enough for one shot...waaaw waaaaw), I'll share a trio of pics.

First up is my old girl, Polina (aka the Po-Lins).

Next is Bachman.

And finally, the tripod, Marshall.

Author of a good many things (hopefully many good things, too), my latest book is IT CAME FROM SPACE III: THE NEXT GENERATION

Picking up the pieces after the giant space gator decimated the small town of Ghost Clearing on the semi-remote Picture Island, the locals and all the visitors are far from ready for the chain reaction. Sure, they took care of the gator, but what of the otherworldly DNA seeping into the soil, the water, the bloodstreams?

Can the already battered townsfolk survive another attack, an attack from more than one beast?

If you want to know more about my stuff, click on EDDIE in the menu bar.

If you'd like your pet(s) featured in a future Author Pet post, email Eddie Generous at with a pic, links, and the name of the pet(s).


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