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Review of An Unquiet Grave (2020)

An Unquiet Grave (2020) is another Shudder film with an inexplicably mediocre IMDB rating (4.5) that it doesn’t deserve. It’s a little long for the depth of story and characters (though is quite short at 79 minutes) and doesn’t meander far from that well-trodden path resulting from horror film grief, but it has a handful of surprising moments that instantly raised my opinion.

Crafty and smart, though simple, most of the surprises happen in flashes (my favorite involving a literal flash…and not of light), and bump this from being a somewhat muted film about emotion rather than substance, to something wholly watchable and a good bit of entertaining. It’s dark. It’s grim. Playing on grief, there’s no fat left on the storyline bone. The acting is good. The script is good. The set is good. Simply put, An Unquiet Grave is good.

Here is a production where less is more, and makes the extremes stand out like red type amid a sea of newsprint. I particularly appreciated the corpse. Though not my favorite Shudder Original, this is another quality offering, and one that doesn’t demand scads of time to deliver.

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